Dog Policy

While we all love our four-legged friends, Farmers’ Market at Sandpoint asks that dog owners be considerate of other shoppers, vendors, and possible health risks posed to food products by their animals. Please respect the City of Sandpoint’s park ordinance (5-4-5):
Dogs, even on leash, are not permitted on interior pathways or grass (inside the park) but are permitted on the exterior perimeter as this space is a street right-of-way.

Thank you for your cooperation and for supporting your local Farmers’ Market!

If you come to Market with your dog, please:

  • Keep dogs on a short, non-expandable leash.
  • Keep your dog under control and by your side at all times.
  • Keep dogs away from produce, plants and other food products.
  • Do not bring dogs that are not sociable to people or other dogs
  • Be considerate of vendors, their products, and other patrons
  • Clean up after your dog!

Thank you!

A reminder to vendors: Vendors are not allowed to have or keep a dog in their space during market hours.

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