Four Peas Family Farm

Jim and Kim Des Jarlais
209 Coyote Trail Priest River, Idaho 83856
(208) 597-0644

Nestled in a secluded valley in the Kaniksu National Forest, Four Peas Family Farm is a small family farm committed to simple and sustainable living. The farm is owned and operated by Jim and Kim Des Jarlais who share their dedication to healthy food with their children, Kaeli, ten and Thoreau, five. With the intention of keeping the whole family at home, working and learning together, Kaeli and Thoreau are homeschooled. This family time is a significant part of the joy found amoung the fields and flowers of the farm.

Four Peas Family Farm vision is to have the family farm regain its traditional position as an integral part of the local community. Knowing local farmers and their methods gives the community the best assurance of healthy, high quality, fresh foods. Jim and Kim are mindful that the choices made by all consumers impact the community’s strength, both now and into the future.

Four Peas Family Farm specializes in growing heirloom vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Heirloom seeds are treasures handed down from generation to generation since before the advent of chemical fertilizers, mass production, mass distribution and supermarkets. These special varieties were chosen for their superior flavors and textures. Conversely, modern hybrids are developed primarily for their ability to be picked green, shipped long distances and sit on a shelf in a store. For centuries heirloom seeds have been saved and passed on by grandmas, aunties, and mothers to the families that they cared for, cooked for and loved.

Four Peas Family Farm has CSA shares available for 16 weeks, June through September. Pork, chicken, rabbit, milk, egg and flower CSA options are also available or they can be purchased separately. Four Peas also offers handcrafted tinctures and tonics, culinary vinegars and oils, and heirloom seedlings for the home gardener. Jim, Kim, and the kids can be met under the purple tent at the northeast corner of the Sandpoint Farmer’s Market, May through October. The farm can also be contacted at [email protected]
or 208-597-0644