Land of Peace

Francesca Dees
6434 Upper Gold Ck Rd Sandpoint, ID 83864
(208) 265-9320

Land of Peace is a harmoniously balanced farm in the mountains where plants, flowers and trees grow abundantly. We make medicinal aroma-therapeutic healing oils to massage into the skin, and all natural handmade soaps for you to enjoy on a daily basis. Our world, Mother Earth, is changing very rapidly. With this change, everyone’s life is changing toward a higher awareness of consciousness with pure love from the heart. Fourth dimension, the power of love.

Every day we can improve our health. Make purity your life-line. Live healthier, happer and economically. No matter how the years are growing, you can still be very beautiful and vibrant. Live in the moment. Now.

Thank you for chooing products form the Land of Peace.
Much health and happiness,
Francesca Dees